Monthly Archives: August 2011

Pool memory errors in apache

I was getting this error a lot on a Drupal site:

Warning: include(): Unable to allocate memory for pool.

Turns out it’s not the apache or php settings, but APC (pecl module).

To fix, add the following to your php.ini file:

apc.shm_size = 64 (adjust value to your server capabilities)


Wireshark bonded interface errors

If you get the following error in Wireshark:

SIOCGIFFLAGS: bonding_masters: No such device

It can be fixed by manually setting the interface. Go to Capture > Options, OK on the error message (it might not appear, but check the taskbar), and after that you should be able to put your bond interface name in the Interface box at the top. (I’m using version 1.4.6 of Wireshark)


UPDATE: having deleted the bonded interface I’m still getting Wireshark errors.  I’ll post if I find a fix.

System call tracing; strace with pid

Copied directly from ubuntu wiki, want to store here so I dont lose it

strace -Ff -tt -p <PID> 2>&1 | tee strace-<program>.log

edit: better way that creates a file per process/child process

strace -f -ff -tt -p <PID> -o strace.log

This will create files for each child process in addition to the main process, named strace.log.<PID>