Openfiler 2.99.1 unable to create partitions from the GUI

UPDATE: Creating a new partition in /dev/sdb (second volume) works, but doesn’t use the last 5% of the disk.  I can’t seem to fix this with the Other Solution posted here; regardless of what I do, the partition shows up in the web GUI of openfiler but as unknown partition type.  I’ve tried using mkpart as described below – it gives errors when trying to use ext3; using ext2 and then converting it to ext3 with mkfs.ext3 has the same issue, as does creating the partition with no filesystem.  This is all regardless of what I do with pvcreate.  For now I’ve left it as empty space, hopefully Openfiler will fix their issue creating new volumes soon.

Experienced a lot of Google-fail before finally getting the solution to this, so I’m posting it here.

New install of Openfiler v2.99.1, trying to create a new partition in /dev/sda, clicking the ‘create’ button does nothing, just refreshes the page.

Easy Solution (but it loses some GB – for some reason, ending cylinder is reduced)
Set the ‘starting cylinder’ 80 cylinders more than the recommended number, then try and create again.  It should work.

Other Solution (works properly, hurray)
From the cli:
unit cyl
[name?] // click enter
[file system type? ext2] ext3
[start?] // here, type one cylinder up from the end of the last partition shown by the print command, and space, and then the ending cylinder (for the entire disk, enter the number shown in the print command under the Model, on the line “Disk /dev/sda : ”
print // see the new partition
pvcreate /dev/sda4

After this, Openfiler should see the new partition from the GUI.

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