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Shrewsoft listening on the wrong IP?

For some reason, it had binded on eth1 rather than eth0 (it’s supposed to bind on both).

Shrewsoft uses IPSEC_Pluto for IKE connections, check out this manpage: http://www.linuxsecurity.com/resource_files/cryptography/FreeSWAN-HOWTO/manpage.d/ipsec_pluto.8.html

To refresh the interfaces (restarting didn’t work for me, but this did), use:

ipsec whack –listen


UPDATE: I was wrong!  It’s strongswan that uses IPSEC_PLUTO, Shrewsoft uses it’s own stuff, and the reason my Shrewsoft wasn’t making the connections as it should was because of conflicts with strongswan; once I uninstalled that it started working again.