mp4 files not streaming over HTTP?

Probably because the metadata is in the wrong place (ie, not at the beginning of the file).

I downloaded two programs to move the metadata; MetaData Mover ( and MP4 Fast Start (, both of which killed my mp4 files, leaving them with 67kb per file.  Perhaps my mp4 files were encoded in a strange way?  They’re recorded using a fairly standard video camera.

In any case, after a long time of searching for the solution, turns out I only needed to do the following:

apt-get install mpeg4ip
mp4creator -optimize myfile.mp4

In my case I have a client that needs to be able to upload streaming videos to her WordPress site; she now just needs to upload the video files directly from her video camera, click a little button I’ve put on the WordPress site to search for unoptimized files and optimize them.  Excellent.

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