WordPress Google Calendar Events plugin notes

I’ve just installed this awesome plugin onto a WP blog: http://www.rhanney.co.uk/plugins/google-calendar-events/

Had two issues I want to note:

1) Use the XML feed from Google, not the iCAL feed, or it will give errors

2) The timezone wasn’t working properly using default settings (it uses WP’s time); I realised this problem actually lies with WP – by default WP was using UTC+0 for my timezone (London), which is wrong, as now we’re on DST, which is UTC+1, changed it to London rather than the UTC offset and it’s working fine.
(Suprised I haven’t noticed this before, although I can’t actually think of any WP sites I’ve made where the post time is displayed – except this one at the moment, as I haven’t modified it at all yet – so it’s never been a problem.)

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